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Workers' Compensation Injury

Treatment after a Workers’ Compensation injury

Every year, thousands of workers suffer from injuries sustained in the duties of their employment. Workers’ Compensation is a program set in place by the state government to help employees who suffer from an injury or an occupational illness contracted at work. Workers’ Comp injuries can vary from suffering from a slip and fall, overexertion, getting hit by falling objects, or even injuries caused by repetitive motions.

What if I get injured at work?

In Massachusetts, you should inform your employer right away when you have been injured. It is preferable for you to document any contact you have with your employer in regards to this injury. Emailing your employer allows for documentation of time and informative contents that are in this written notification of injury. Your specific employer may have additional steps to take that may be written in your employee handbook.

Know Your Rights

Please know, you do have the right to see whichever physician, specialist, chiropractor, or physical therapist that you choose. In many cases, insurance companies or employers may push for you to see who they want for medical treatment. In some cases this is due to agreements that have been made between the practitioner and the workers’ compensation insurance company which seeks to provide the least expensive treatment, regardless of the quality of care.

Benefits of getting Chiropractic Care for Workers Comp Injuries

If your on-the-job injury has caused back or neck pain, you may find that a chiropractor may act as a key instrument in your recovery. One huge factor that a chiropractor can help you with is in pain reduction. The chiropractor would work to get your pain levels down which would then allow for correction of the injury, followed by therapeutic exercise to increase strength and range of motion.

How to choose a chiropractor for a Workers’ Comp Injury

You want to seek the highest quality of treatment that you can find. It is important to find a chiropractor that is experienced in rehabilitating patients while allowing them to get back to their pre-injury status quickly and safely. If your injury turns out to be a severe problem that is not going away anytime soon, you will want a chiropractor with an understanding and experience handling serious injuries, one with clear and specific documentation stating the projected outcome of your treatment. It is best to stay away from third party workers comp referral companies that charge clinics to be listed by their company. When searching for a chiropractor, try to find one with good relations with other healthcare professionals, one that knows when to refer you to someone else when your injury requires further investigation.

At Advantage Health & Wellness, we are experts in occupational injury treatment. With locations in Norwood and Framingham Ma, we are here to provide top quality treatment for Union or Non-Union workers’ compensation victims. Please feel free to contact us at one of our locations.

Labor & Workforce Workers Comp Faq

For more information regarding questions and answers for Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation filing and benefits please to

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