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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy (Axial Traction Treatment)

Decompression therapy is a chiropractic modality used to decompress the spine by stretching the spine so that the discs gently separate alleviating pain and pressure. This treatment can help with herniated or bulging discs and can provided the needed space to allow the nerves to get the spacing they need and for the discs to heal.

Not all decompression therapy treatments were created equally. Many chiropractors claim that they have spinal decompression when in fact they just have a form of traction where they are stretching the entire body instead of specific areas of the spine. Both of our Massachusetts locations have “real” decompression therapy equipment.

How decompression therapy works

Your chiropractor will ask health related questions to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment. If you have had a fracture, spinal implants or some other specific health problems please inform your chiropractor at this time.

While being treated using decompression therapy you will lay on a computer based motorized bed while the Chiropractor will strap a harness around your torso and another one around your hips. The Chiropractor will then set the computer to gently pull the harnesses away from each other. You will feel your body stretching out but you shouldn’t feel any decompression related pain.

Time to heal

Your Chiropractor may prescribe treatment visits of two or three times per week for one to two months depending on your particular injury or pain. It is important that you keep up with your treatment schedule in order to ensure you are providing the space needed for your discs to heal and to set the stage for long lasting results.


We accept all major insurance plans and do not “upsell” additional treatments. Although some doctors charge upwards of $200 per visit for decompression therapy, at our clinic we do not charge additional fees for this modality. Please take a look at some of the insurance companies we work with. Please call us or contact us online with any questions you might have. 

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