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Herniated Disc

Seeing a Chiropractor for a Herniated Disc 

There is a disc between each of your vertebrae (all except the first two in your neck) that acts as a shock absorber, or cushion, and allows for flexibility. Sometimes referred to as a “slipped disc”, a herniated disc is when cracks occur on the outer layer of the disc allowing the inner material to slip out. Many things can cause a herniated disc. The disc can suffer from having too much pressure due to bad posture, being overweight, or from an injury.

A non-surgical treatment option for herniated discs can be approached through chiropractic care. Your Chiropractor can help your back pain caused by a herniated disc. When you visit your Chiropractor they will be looking for information on your specific injury. They will first go through your medical history and perform a physical exam while checking your reflexes, strength, posture, and sensation. An X-ray or MRI may be required to assist in proper diagnosis.

After gathering all the needed information, the Chiropractor will determine if you have a disc injury and will then develop a treatment plan to address your particular problem. Since chiropractors look at the spine as a whole, they will evaluate problems in one area of your spine that could be causing problems in other areas of your back, or other areas of your body for that matter. 


Your treatment plan may include spinal adjustments, manual therapy, and specific exercises that will strengthen target areas. Any of these chiropractic treatments are safe and effective for most people. The goal is always to reduce your pain first then to work on correcting the issue. If you have any concerns or questions regarding any of the treatments the chiropractor would be happy to discuss things with you.

Misconceptions about Chiropractic from 

  • It's a misconception that chiropractors "pop a disc back in place" using forceful adjustments. The "pop" sound comes from the release of gas under pressure within a joint. It is similar to the sound heard when opening a can of soda.

  • Another misconception is that chiropractic care involves a few quick treatments, which can "fix" your disc. Instead, as explained above, chiropractors treat herniated discs using gentle low-force techniques.

In Conclusion
Dr. Federico Rondinelli, a chiropractor in Framingham, MA, and chiropractor in Norwood, MA, will work to decrease your pain from a herniated disc while working to improve your total spine health. Call us at one of our two locations today to schedule an initial evaluation. 

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