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Using chiropractic for bad posture

Using Chiropractic for Bad PostureHaving bad posture can cause a change in appearance along with pain, fatigue, decreased balance and joint dysfunction. A chiropractor can work with you to get you back towards a healthy center of gravity, a finer postural appearance, decreased back, neck, and joint pain, and an overall health going into older age.

Creating bad posture

While growing, children and teens are proportionately undergoing changes to allow adjustments for gravitational pull on their bodies. During these growth spurts your posture may be set off track by allowing the shoulders to roll forward potentially causing the neck and head to extend forward. During these growth spurts your body is suppose to be changing certain part to be proportionate in certain places. This is suppose to offset the gravitational pull and balance for your body but can instead correct for those gravitational forces but apply them to an incorrect alignment. This would then cause a posture problem.

Posture and your appearance

While growing up you may have heard someone tell you to “sit up straight” or “shoulders back”. This may have come from your parents, grandparents, or a teacher. Their goal may have been health based or it may have come from a place of not wanting you to live with the stigma of having the appearance of being lazy or less refined. R.C. Shafer, DC, PhD, FICC describes a slouched posture appearance in his book “Clinical Biomechanics: Musculoskeletal Actions and Reactions”. He writes “A relaxed or slouched posture usually connotes laziness, incompetence, and an inferior self-image. However, this is not always the case. That is, superior energy potential and intellectual capacity is often housed in a body that is habitually slouched. Some individuals assume habitual postures of great relaxation during periods of non-activity. This is because one will assume an energy-conserving posture during a state of fatigue.” 

The portrayal of a "lazy look" is not the only problem that poor posture may conjure up for you. Let's discuss some of the possible downsides of poor posture. 

Types of posture problems

Although posture problems are classified below, many with poor posture may merely lean towards one of these categories enough to cause pain and balance issues.

  • Kyphosis- An incorrect posture causing what appears as a hunchback. The upper back is round while the head protrudes forward.
  • Lordosis- Head leans back while shoulders are also pulled back with lumbar region of spine suffers from exaggerated curve.
  • Scoliosis- Abnormal curve in the spine that may curve sideways like the letter “S” causing uneven alignment of extremities.

Gravity, balance, and overall health

Postural balance can influence ones overall health by the affect it has on the bones and muscles that are responsible for keeping you upright and that allow for proper mobility and balance. Weight loss and increasing muscle can greatly work towards improving ones center line of gravity and this will allow efficient body balance and weight bearing. Balance and proper weight bearing will make the job of the body’s joints to function properly without being over burdened for their intended work. A chiropractor can evaluate posture and balance and prescribe specific exercises to offset for any insufficient muscle or obesity factors. 

Posture related pain

The environment and surrounding in which you work, the commute you take in your car, and many other lifestyle habits may have caused the development of poor posture which may now be causing other back, neck or joint pain. The pain caused by bad posture is so common and may include lower back pain. For the delinquently postured, hope is not lost, you can work towards improving the visual and painful affects of bad posture through spinal manipulation and exercise programs which will in turn help with many aches and pains that you may experience throughout your body.

Causes of bad posture as you get older

Just as an incorrect posture can cause numerous pains, disorders, a lack of balance, so too can ones gait, hip, knee, and ankle disorders cause poor posture along with the dysfunction of ones equilibrium by causing you to adjust for the lack of strength or balance. As you age and reach those golden years, having a good center of gravity and well functioning joints and muscles can be your first defense against suffering from a fall.

Choosing a Chiropractor for posture problems

Choose an experienced Chiropractor near you that has worked with numerous varieties of the problems listed above. A good Chiropractor doesn’t mind referring you out if you need additional orthopedic or PT services.

Advantage Health & Wellness in Norwood and Framingham, Massachusetts offers the experience needed to get your spine back on track. Call us today at one of our locations or request an appointment online. 


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